Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The term environment is often used for the immediate surroundings from the point of reference. We are mainly responsible for altering the natural environment. Evolution of species was based on the current environment and the changes that happened in environment over a period of several thousands of years. People are moving from place to place, as much as at least minimum of three places in ones life time. Born in one place, get educated in another place and finally settle in a different place for the rest of life. We have recreated environments at home and workplace through use of technologies.People live in congestion in the high density areas. Recreating environment for living and comfortable living is the main concern as much as climate change and global warming. The housing, work places and commuting media are also of important concern, which are the environments created by human beings. The living environment for wild animals is a natural aspect, but for humans apart from natural, social, cultural, physical, human, political, economic aspects also impact living environment.

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