Saturday, December 9, 2017

What you are is where you are ?!

The agriculture is done using chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers are chemicals. The plants are tortured to yield. There is suffering of plants right from germination to its death. With so much suffering the final product is with the memory of pain. The chicken yield eggs with so much suffering in the cages in the poultry farm. The animals are given drugs, antibiotics and growth hormones the non-veg products through suffering they grow and all polluted. People are drinking in polluted water and also breathing polluted air. They live in places where the indoor pollution is very high. See so much bad and hear too much noise every day. With this kind of polluted environment inside and outside a person, no one could be happy and healthy. The human sole is also suffering by all means.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Earning more is the cause of slavery

For any one working for earning more to become rich, richer and richest leads to a life of slavery. The slave of money and the source to earn. To do anything in life is freedom. Freedom with rensibility is ultimate. Responsibility is not loosing freedom. Children have freedom but they are less responsible to their act.

Nature Inspires Spirituality

Nature is the existence of matter and energy in harmony. Forms and the characteristics existing in nature is variable in time and space. There is a symbiotic relationship between the biotic and abiotic. From nothing there is everything and everything from nothing. Questions to ask are unknown, nor there are no complete answers to every question. There is diversity and oneness in everything. Spirituality is also similar to nature as described above. Therefore a naturalist inspires towards spirituality.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Average is not normal

Being average is not normal, everyone is part of that histogram for every aspect of physical, mental and spiritual being. Other than normal each being is special.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Own quotes

Human face

Part of sahara desert resembling human face - Algeria, Google Earth, 29.976959, 5.409378.

Monday, August 31, 2015

One has to leave everything

There is nothing that one can take. The ownership of property and wealth is a system created by human beings alone. It is to cope with vulnerability and insecurity in case of anticipated and unforeseen risks in time and space. In reality, it is rear that all the wealth in one's life is consumed for oneself. The excess wealth created by humans in time and space causes more damage to the earth. The ecological footprint increases due to this greed. The earth is more sustainable if people live a simple life and without greed.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why running?

It is often seen that for selection of candidates for police or military, running test is conducted. Recently we are seeing some of the candidates are dying while running during the tests. After getting the job if they are made to run every year at least once with the same speed, it would be difficult to imagine that the would still continue in their respective jobs. Those who run fast in a given time and distance are selected, others are considered as unfit. Why running is important for them in their profession, it is one of the ways to judge their fitness. While on duty they as mostly provided with vehicles to go around and also to chase the culprits. Only in the narrow lanes and by-lanes they need to run. While selecting horses for warfare in the past, they never selected the fastest running horses. Because running is most useful for flight rather than fighting. If we see the wild life animals run to save themselves from carnivorous animals. Human beings don't run any more for food! They run more on their job, which provides food also. They run more for acquiring and managing other things than just food. The fastest animals have shorter life span than the slow animals. It is said slow and steady wins the race. It is left to each one of us at what pace life should move on...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Leader is an artist

A great leader is an artist, envisions on the canvas of time and creates a beautiful future...

Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Name does not change in being what you are..

People spend so much time for looking good. The name of a person does not change in being what you are..

Boss is patient?

It is oberved that many times a "boss is like a patient in a hospital". Boss never moves from his chamber. Everyone should visit him, rather he would visit others. A boss could be more informal.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who is role model

Who is role model?

For encouraging students to be the future leaders, students are exposed to several case studies and the personalities having accomplishments in life. Here are some of the examples:
A) A person with rural background studied in a government school, with great hardships did PhD and now a scientist in a National Institute. He is now earning good salary, gets royalty from the patents. Now having a comfortable life as he gets royalty lifelong for his patents.

B) A lady from a village, who was an agriculture labourer once up on a time. One day one of her relative from USA visited their village. She saw that she is able to spend a lot for kids and family. She was inspired to earn more income like her. She continued her higher studies and tried hard to goto USA. Now she is there became CEO of several companies. Started earning a lot.

C) A person from a middle class family, who studied in reputed colleges and has completed PhD. Although he had the potential to get a job in a multinational company or highest government service job, to the surprise of everone, one day he decided to work on environment and development sector.


Saturday, August 16, 2014


Today there was a discussion on the installation of sensors in the field. One of the concerns was how to prevent theft of sensors installed in the field. In the interest of selling things, one makes them look attractive. Attractive things attract the attention of people and also thieves. All the military equipment or arms are mostly presented in shabby colours. There the purpose is performance. The dilemma of people is how to make things attractive and also they should perform and no one should steal them.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Permanent and temporary

There is nothing called permanent and temporary, there is only being. Temporary job posts would be made permanent, a hope of many people. Do you think people would do more justice by being in permanent posts. There is no other life on earth enjoying such positions, as everything has to die. There is financial security and other facilities made available to the people in permanent posts. It is very rare that politicians hold permenant positions in their career. If we don't believe and like politicians holding permanent positions in the name of democracy, then how do we encourage the Government systems to have permanent employees. As in democracy everyone is evaluated, similarly the employees in their respective positions should also undergo evaluation. Otherwise the services of the system are costly and inefficient.

Not a magician

We are not magicians to hold knowledge and earn....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


People share knowledge selectively or release knowledge selectively. If any knowledge or information is useful and important, it should be shared immediately. Sometimes knowledge or information shared belated is like rotten food served to a hungry person. Some people write books after retiring from service, these people are cowards and dishonest people. They could have been of some cause and use if they did share immediately. They are not historians, they are important people in public life. Of course some people don't find time or they may not have skills to write a book, or resource's to publish. With access to technology there are different means to share, it need not be just books, other options are like, blogs, podcasts, video recordings, mind maps, etc. Some people write for creating sensation or for earning money. Some people share the personal life of others, without their consent too.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Looking Good

Looking good is unreal. Looking good and really being good is very rare. People deceive others by looking too good sometimes. The body language, spoken words, acts, etc., may not be always truthful. Looking good without any reason is rare.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Technology, sensors and human beings

Human resources are one of the most valuable. Efficiency of a human resource is based on the Commitment, Honesty, integrity, knowledge and skills. Within commitment readiness and willingness are two important aspects. Technology is human centric and purposeful. Technology is for improving the efficiency, saving time and automation and Ultimately for improving the overall efficiency. As human resources are less reliable and effective due to personal intentions, technology is unavoidable. Technology brings transparency too. Use and misuse of technology is always possible, as they are managed by the same human beings. Sensors are part of technology to support the humans in many applications. With reduced cost of sensors and access to cheap microprocessors, more and more applications are possible. technology, sensors coupled with artificial intelligence will replace the human beings. In the process some jobs would be lost. Of course we don't need so many job sake living people on Earth.

God in tree

If people see god in every tree then every part on Earth is a Paradise..

*This photo was taken in one of the busiest streets in Guntur town, Andhra Pradesh,  India

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Not for you and not about you

Sharing is meaningful if it is "not for you and not about you".

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Once, one of the tv news channels was shooting my profile. There was a young lady as anchor. The whole crew came for the shooting in a place. This shooting schedule was from morning till evening. Some shots were in the open place. The makeup man also accompanied with the team. More Frequently he was taking care of the anchor. Although the shooting was for to cover my profile, why the makeup person spent more time in beautifying the lady, I wondered. Finally, I asked the director why they are more focused on the lady rather me. The answer was "you are REAL".


People smile to wish people they have known recently, but why they don't smile when they meet every day their beloved ones.. children, spouse, parents..etc.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are you Free - No I am not

Often I get to listen to people asking me  "Are you free to discuss or work on important things". I say, no I am not free, but if you think the purpose for which you are inviting me is important, I will come and support you. Yes, when people say are you free, it means it is voluntary work. Any one paying professionally would never use that term, rather they would restrict number of days and use the time efficiently. If I say I am free and would come, a free persons time is not valued, even if I was made to wait for them, because I am free, it does not matter to them.
When I am really free, I would spend time watching a movie, sleeping, etc. Therefore I say, if we want to do something like that together you can ask me - are you free. But are you free is meant for something important and most often where I need to contribute for a real purpose.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Government and Social welfare

If governments take the social responsibility there is no need of organisations, they have tax collection system and currency printing machine to meet the funds requirement. Why organisations should exist? what is the difference between government, organisation, foundation, agency, corporation, Public sectors, Industries, contractor, etc. there is a social aspect in everything they are doing. Government is permanent and an accountable system as compared to anyother thing. If our government is a social welfare state many other things will disappear, hope one day it happens!

Friday, January 30, 2009


The people over years have learned how to make a sustainable living from the available resources. That wisdom had greater meaning for sustainable life on earth eg., the way of life of Bushmen of Kalahari or Eskimos of the circumpolar region in the North. If the “clever” people from lower latitudes are sent to those places, all the resources would exhaust within no time. Because, our definition of sustainability is “too much sustainability”, those places become inhabitable within no time, for not only humans but for all life existing there. In the past all the places on earth were sustainable. There is a lot to learn from each place how the practices worked earlier. The history still exists in every place, just open up and learn to create a sustainable present and future.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


People started enjoying things of future. This is possible through "credit". This leads to over exploitation of resources at present at the cost of future generations. An young IT employee could able to purchase an house due to high salaries, other wise he would have purchased the same house say after 20 years of hard work. Such things are possible only by human beings. All other living things live in the present, but man is able to exploit the future of our children too. This system leads to imbalance on earth. This is only an "Hype" already we are witness to how it is collapsing.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


One cannot recreate what does not exist on this earth. This universe, earth and the life existing on this earth has certain set of rules / principles / laws of nature, which can never be cheated, but only be used / exploited. All the human creations or innovations fall with in these natural laws. Are the humans imagine that they have created new laws of nature? That is only ignorance.

For more on laws of nature see the following link: