Saturday, December 13, 2008


This is the basic question regarding what type of human being has more chances of survival and existence on this earth? The short people would occupy less space and would easily get their required space in an over crowded earth. The fatness symbolizes the well off (rich) people, who would consume more than the poor. Average weight of a sample of urban people is always more than rural people (this is my observation). As nutrition / vitamins / minerals / etc., contained in the food is decreasing due to over exploitation of the soils, people tend to consume more and more food to replenish the same and also as nonvegetarian food would be costly, more people would shift to vegetarian food. In majority of cities in the developing world, the tall and weak people cannot travel comfortably in a crowded public transportation system. The living space, is becoming smaller and smaller. The small dinosaur species are still surviving.Yes these statements are debatable, requires modeling exercises with empirical data.

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