Friday, August 8, 2014

Technology, sensors and human beings

Human resources are one of the most valuable. Efficiency of a human resource is based on the Commitment, Honesty, integrity, knowledge and skills. Within commitment readiness and willingness are two important aspects. Technology is human centric and purposeful. Technology is for improving the efficiency, saving time and automation and Ultimately for improving the overall efficiency. As human resources are less reliable and effective due to personal intentions, technology is unavoidable. Technology brings transparency too. Use and misuse of technology is always possible, as they are managed by the same human beings. Sensors are part of technology to support the humans in many applications. With reduced cost of sensors and access to cheap microprocessors, more and more applications are possible. technology, sensors coupled with artificial intelligence will replace the human beings. In the process some jobs would be lost. Of course we don't need so many job sake living people on Earth.

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