Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who is role model

Who is role model?

For encouraging students to be the future leaders, students are exposed to several case studies and the personalities having accomplishments in life. Here are some of the examples:
A) A person with rural background studied in a government school, with great hardships did PhD and now a scientist in a National Institute. He is now earning good salary, gets royalty from the patents. Now having a comfortable life as he gets royalty lifelong for his patents.

B) A lady from a village, who was an agriculture labourer once up on a time. One day one of her relative from USA visited their village. She saw that she is able to spend a lot for kids and family. She was inspired to earn more income like her. She continued her higher studies and tried hard to goto USA. Now she is there became CEO of several companies. Started earning a lot.

C) A person from a middle class family, who studied in reputed colleges and has completed PhD. Although he had the potential to get a job in a multinational company or highest government service job, to the surprise of everone, one day he decided to work on environment and development sector.


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