Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why running?

It is often seen that for selection of candidates for police or military, running test is conducted. Recently we are seeing some of the candidates are dying while running during the tests. After getting the job if they are made to run every year at least once with the same speed, it would be difficult to imagine that the would still continue in their respective jobs. Those who run fast in a given time and distance are selected, others are considered as unfit. Why running is important for them in their profession, it is one of the ways to judge their fitness. While on duty they as mostly provided with vehicles to go around and also to chase the culprits. Only in the narrow lanes and by-lanes they need to run. While selecting horses for warfare in the past, they never selected the fastest running horses. Because running is most useful for flight rather than fighting. If we see the wild life animals run to save themselves from carnivorous animals. Human beings don't run any more for food! They run more on their job, which provides food also. They run more for acquiring and managing other things than just food. The fastest animals have shorter life span than the slow animals. It is said slow and steady wins the race. It is left to each one of us at what pace life should move on...

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