Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have very little knowledge about the flying machines. My curiosity to learn more about them increases as soon as I get into a flight. Through out the journey I keep an eye on the visible and moving parts. The more I observe, it seems the mysteries of technology are understood. The more my learning, the more I tend to learn about the variables. As a geographer, every jerk leads me to recollect my atmospheric sciences, pockets of convection currents, jet streams, type of clouds, low temperatures at higher altitudes, etc. How come this metal bird is able to overcome so many variables and steers through the sky. The pilot may not understand about each and every part, he just knows only how to fly in the air, by using all the controls, as I don't understand much about the car that I drive. The flying machine is a single unit like an organism having human brain and controls. The whole system works in coordination, with the sole purpose to fly. Why I should think so much about the flight, while I fly? Of course I am not afraid of death. Every bird has a chance of getting hurt or risk of dying if it suddenly stops flying in the middle of flying high in the air. But every bird is confident of continuing to fly till to decides to land. I prey god to give me the same confidence as that of the bird, in every activity / endeavor I take up.

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