Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is the basic question that always comes to my mind. I am seeing that with time things are changing at different phases - fast / normal / slow. I don't see the same bird on the branch of neem tree singing same song any more. It is impossible. There are only moments to capture. The environment has changed a lot, the climate change and global warming are bringing lots of changes on earth. Man made or natural changes are very much visible, measurable in ones own life time. To reconstruct the scenario and bring back things lost in time is nearly impossible. But to prepare for the future seems to be more easy as an adaptation strategy. The problem with human beings is that majority of times we live in the past and expect future to be similar to our past, i.e., because we get habituated to a particular environment and expect the same evironment to continue. We tend to like a given environment as we grow in it. The challenge is to change and adapt. Both change and adaptation happens in the process or through circumstances. Finally, on earth the existing species are only the most adaptive species. Like crocodiles, cockroaches, etc.

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