Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Most often the definition of sustainability is explained in terms of interest. Interest sustains or interest makes a resource unsustainable ? ! Too much interest is selfishness? The over exploitation of resources, leading to unsustainability of that resource. If all the animals in a Jungle one day were taught about sustainability as do humans think. One alpha male tiger herded all the animals it can eat, into one corner as a shepherd does put the sheep in a pen at the end of the day. Denying the right to other tigers as it owns them now. The super-sustainability of this tiger is achieved for generations and also for its progeny. The sustianable interest of one tiger is the non-sustainable aspect for other tigers. Similarly, if all the animals have thought about their sustainability similarly, what would have been the sustainability of earth ? (Note: The sustainability defined here is as perceived by the most "interested" people).

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