Thursday, December 4, 2008


Sensitivity is the greatest skill god has given to human being. A sensitive person is more useful to the society. Often people are sensitive to only few things of interest or ignorant or not at all sensitive to some of the aspects. The level of sensitivity also varies in space, time, experience and interest. Sensitivity might lead to awareness, knowledge, acquiring skills, practicing, ultimate understanding and action. Which, is the highest achievement in being sensitive. Being sensitive is a great boon for able to lead any aspect. This was led to Gowtham Buddha seek for nirvana ultimately. "One glorious day as he went out of the palace to the pleasure park to see the world outside, he came in direct contact with the stark realities of life. Within the narrow confines of the palace he saw only the rosy side of life, but the dark side, the common lot of mankind, was purposely veiled from him. What was previously conceived only mentally, he now saw in vivid reality for the first time. On his way to the park his observant eyes met the strange sights of a decrepit old man, a diseased person, a corpse and a dignified hermit. The first three sights convincingly proved to him, the inexorable nature of life, and the universal ailment of humanity. The fourth signified the means to overcome the ills of life and to attain calm and peace. These four unexpected sights served to increase the urge in him to loathe and renounce the world. " We all might have seen many such sights, but how many of us have followed his path for the world. Yes, we might be sensitive, but true sensitivity is one which leads to action. Buddha helps us to understand the highest value of sensitivity. Similarly, we can be sensitive on Gender, Climate change, global warming, social backwardness, poverty, etc. and work for mitigating the impacts.

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