Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Traditionally the specialized work of forefathers was adopted by the progeny for generations and in the process caste system was developed for sharing of different types of work. All types of works are important in a system. The types of works are changing in the present society. Technology has contributed to the efficiency of the traditional works. New types of jobs have emerged, which demand different skills and knowledge. Diversification is the best form of securing livelihoods and prosperity. Living with only one type of jobwork through out the life is not the order of the day. Diversification of skills, experience and adopting to new jobs with time and space is more secure and enjoyable. The people who diversify less seek, comfort in what they are doing and are not willing to take risk. Those who don't diversify is like living only one life. Those who diversify live many times in just one life and for them life is ever expanding. The life shrinks with routine work. Initially on this earth there were generalists, like Plato, Charles Darwin, etc. later on due to development of science, technology and innovations the specialists evolved. Yes they had a specific task in those days. Now with so much development of science and technology, again generalists are increasing and ever willing to take any job of interest "Karma my choice".

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