Thursday, December 11, 2008


The spatial and temporal energy (not in physical sense) of human beings does exist. This is the ultimate energy experienced by the other people about a specific person. One of the simplest form of measurable aspect is the distance maintaned or the space given to that particular person by others. Say a leader is speaking and people surrounded in thousands are listening, but the space given to that leader is more. This space varies from place to place and time to time. There are several factors contributing for human energy like leadership, spiritualism, religion, ritual, cultural, social, political, environmental, economical, devotion, fear, etc. Even the statue of a person or just thought of that person may contribute for such energy whether living or dead. Some animals in the Jungle like Lion, Black Mamba, Elephant, etc and some of the alpha males also attain such energy out of demand, respect or fear, etc. This energy is also referred as territoriality among animals. We may not compare energies of both Humans and Animals, some humans behave like animals and demand that energy.

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