Thursday, December 11, 2008


When GOD has created universe and especially earth for the life. Earth is a laboratory for life for evolving or creation of new species. One of the intelligent and critical species is Human beings. This species alone in the last 150 years has been responsible for all the distruction that is hapenning on earth. Human beings in large numbers growing exponentially, require large space for their own survival and thriving. The 8 inch deep soil (earth), the atmosphere and the sea are the three important aspects for human beings. The surface area of the earth is increasing with huge human constructions of multistory apartments. The animals are caged in multi-layers for more yield per unit of area. Cutting down forest areas for agriculture, the multi-crops, muti-tire crops, increase in gross cultivated land, intensive application of fertilizers, pesticides, intensive-short duration- cropping system, etc., are the manifestations of the greed, demand and aspiration for more space and self actualization. The use of charcoal in soil (terra preta), coral reefs, etc create more space for soil microbes and aquatic life respectively apart from several co-benefits.

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